Jet planes and lunatics

Ahhh you know what that smell is?  It’s the smell of my final week at my current employer.  It smells a bit like freshly baked white chocolate cookies and a latte.

Oh wait, I have *actually* got freshly baked white chocolate cookies and a latte on my desk.  Ok, I’ll eat and drink them and let you know if the final week does have a smell.  I hope it’s not cabbage.  Or asparagus wee smell (if you’ve eaten asparagus and done a wee a bit later then you’ll know what I mean).

Ok, went to Scotland and did some stuff.  I can’t go into details so I’ll send out a password to the nosey sods my blogging friends amongst you and then post some filth and lies in a protected entry [snigger].  Went to Bamburgh beach in Northumberland too.  Very nice.  Got told not to eat the seaweed by my companion, but, to be fair, the dog had been doing it for 30 minutes and not dropped dead so I figured it would be safe.  My companion pointed out the dog licks its own squidgy bits and eats live wasps and therefore “the dog did it so it must be safe” is not necessarily a good policy.  I didn’t die and nothing bad happened.  BTW: It was not the kind of seaweed people eat (like lava and so on) but some really weird looking stuff and the dog *really* seemed to like it so I wondered what it tasted like; answer: like a salty Chinese water chestnut, quite nice actually.

[geek alert: the following paragraphs are likely to induce nausea and nerdiness in normal people]

New boss man brought round a new laptop for me.  A mega wide screen arse-kicking  jobby with Windows Vista Ultimate on it.    Ooooooohhhh so computer guy sexy.  2gb of RAM, dual core processors,  200gb drive……phwoaaaaar.  I’m currently in the process of streaming my old personal laptop into a VM using VMWare’s convertor so I can have all the joys of my old machine, but running at balls-on full speed under Vista.  So far, Vista, which I’ve used before but only on development/testing boxes and not as my main OS, is actually OK.  I’m about to spend four months in the new job recoding a load of stuff to take advantage of Aero and the presentation layer so I guess I’ll know a fair bit more soon – with appropriate swear words attached.

[non geeks, you can start reading again now] 

I feel a bit odd really because I just want the old job to go away quietly and for me to launch into the new one (Head of Research and Development – get me!)  because it’s all new and exciting but I remember that I was quite pleased with myself to get the job I’m just leaving.  Meh, what goes around comes around.

Could be worse, I could have a migraine and itchy nipples…


8 thoughts on “Jet planes and lunatics

  1. ok *shuves* dont care about the blog. Hand over those cookies.
    I so hope that you get the itchy nipples.. lol.
    Good luck in the new job although by the sounds of it you wont need it.
    I love lava bread. But it has to be the stuff from the market not the stuff in salt water. yum. x

  2. I now want freshly baked white chocolate cookies and a latte..ooh the cookies from M&S are ace…I want those ones.

    Where is the filthy entry?!

    Ooh the week is almost up too!Woo!

  3. Evening all! I’ve been spending the last day in the office today so I’ve been spending my time deleting all evidence of badness on my work laptop and therefore a bit too busy to blog – the current boss man wants me to “work from home tomorrow”. Heh, heh…yeah, right.

    Katja, Fab no-one likes a tell-tale! 🙂

    Amy; The white chocco cookies are indeed the Marka and Sparks ones – we had a celebration stack of them today at work where I spread the M & S cookie love far and wide.

    Sammy – stop saying nipples! Oh, go on then. 🙂

    Pete, it was a ‘different’ weekend. From tomorrow I start using the new L/T in anger woo hoo!

    I’m going to send out the filthy password tomorrow when I’m “working” from home on my last day to the ‘regulars’. Filthy entry (you see what I did there) to follow after that. Heh heh.

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