The joys of “it just works”

When non-technical people refer to IT people as “a computer wizard” they do realize it’s just a soubriquet, right? We’re not actually magicians; we just do weird stuff that “the norms” can’t do, mainly because they had a social life during their teenage years.

Customer today wants a refund because, and I quote, they “did not realize that their WIFI network device had to be on the same physical network as the computer it is talking to”.

Literally a different building two miles away with no WAN connection or port mapping across the internet. We offer units which work on cloud connections and via mobile connections – customer refuses – “I want this unit to work”. We explained that, despite the Harry Potter movies, magic is not real.

Hired an external IT person because they refused to believe us when we said “it doesn’t work by magic”.

It person confirmed, “it is not magic”. CC’d their findings to us, after talking to us and confiding “the customer is an idiot. We made sure we got their credit card payment before we left”. External IT person took their money and will ensure they are ‘unavailable’ for future calls from our mutual customer.

We, of course, will likely need to refund the customer.

Or ask for a CIA drone strike although I am told this apparently not an option.

Oh, and yes, I know it’s been several years since I posted on this particular blog. Just for the record, I am actually the main editor of several large and popular public sites and blogs, plus I get paid to write a lot of online articles and white papers so despite me neglecting my own personal site I have actually edited, or written, quite literally hundreds of blog posts in that intervening time. I’ve also appeared in a few hundred webinars and livestreams too. I might write more about that soon. It’s fun to put my “particular set of skills” to use in a way that helps pay the bills.

I’ve learned a few tricks in the past few years too.

I miss the pre-Facebook days of blogging. Social networks are great. They were greater in their formative years, but now Facebook in particular seems to be a vector for pure invective and a coercion of opinions by some truly horrible people exploiting The Filter Bubble which was so eloquently described with quite incredible prescience by Eli Pariser in his book: The Filter Bubble. The shiny new tin star of Facebook has definitely tarnished over the years. I prefer blogging as a way of self-expression.

Let’s get back to blogging.


2 thoughts on “The joys of “it just works”

    1. Yes, RSS is another technology which got it right after a few false starts. I think the main reason it’s not as popular as it could have been is that many non-technical people struggled to understand how it works. The answer is indeed, it just does. 😁

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