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I was going to post something about coding, software development, the process of writing what we have come to call ‘applications’ but which I, for 35 years have always called ‘computer programming’.

And then I came across this story on the BBC News – a site which is still lifting the pennant of true journalism above a mired pond of fake news and skewed ‘content’ by sites which claim to be reporting events but have hardened into a carapace of advertising click delivery and baiting.

Tessa Jowell has just died, succumbing to brain cancer.

John Bercow, who was my M.P. when I still lived in England and is now The Speaker of The House of Commons, delivered this living eulogy to Tessa a few weeks ago.

I am proud to be an American.  In fact I describe myself, accurately, as a British American since my new government are prepared to look the other way and allow me to retain my British Citizenship even though The Pledge that all new US citizens swear, hand raised (it’s unclear why), includes the wonderfully non-vernacular “I reject and abjure all princes and foreign potentates”.

I look at our Congress and the current maelstrom of knife-twisting invective and I find it hard to believe there are any left serving The People who could deliver such an erudite and germane delivery under circumstances where the weight of emotion was dragging at the corners of everyone’s eyes, quite visibly.

My hope is that, in time, we Americans will seek out people to be representative rather than reprehensible.  Where intellect is desired because we want leaders who can think through rather than blast through, who can build bridges rather than walls, to find common rather than scorched ground.

Right now it all seems like some kind of bleak game of Reversi.


See John Bercow’s marvelously dignified tribute by clicking on this link:


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