My secret special power

wizardIf you are a software developer then I am probably more productive than you.

Not necessarily better or more skillful, for sure there are so many to look up to; but more productive?  Yes I might well be.  Sorry (not sorry).

OK, so perhaps I’m trolling Y’all a little bit and I’m sure there will be acerbic commenters, social media fights, and ex-colleagues rattling metaphorical sabres at me falling over themselves to quote legion lines of embarrassing code written in a dusty past.  Thirty-five years as a professional computer programmer throw up ample opportunities for brickbats and anecdotes to bash me with.

The reality though is that I am scarily productive as a software producer with a ton of applications getting worked on and released each year.  I specialize in writing end-user applications rather than programs intended for a slightly more fluffy in-house audience.  My code goes out to thousands of normal people and due to its nature directly affects around 1.5 million people every single day.

The apps are installed and used on any kind of Microsoft Windows operating system – both server and ‘regular’ desktop versions.  They are also used in ‘The Cloud’ at several data centers for an array of corporate customers who choose to interact with the apps that way.  There are also a thousand or more customer employees who use web apps written by me which link seamlessly to either the cloud systems or servers hosted by their employers.

In addition to this, if you go into almost any grocery store in the UK, behind the scenes, thousands of their contract cleaning and security staff are clocking on using face recognition technology – eliminating ‘buddy punching’, a problem for hourly-paid temp staff – and having those time transactions whizz around the country to cloud servers in less than a second and into the managing company’s payroll and monitoring boards.  Thousands of people, millions of transactions – all working without a hitch.  The glue that makes it happen, day in day out, no fails, is another app I wrote.

In the last 60 days I have released significant upgrades to no less than 15 product lines, complete with installers.  I’ve fixed a dozen bugs (remember I said I’m not better than you) and produced three new tools for the support and installation teams.

I can do this for one reason… 23 years ago, on St Valentine’s Day, I saw a demo of a brand new programming language and ‘IDE’ (smart editor) which totally blew me away.  It was like nothing else on the market and I knew it was The One.  I ordered a copy that day.  I still have the receipt and delivery note.

That product still exists.  It is called Delphi.  It is my special super power.

More on this another time – because this year is going to be EPIC.


2 thoughts on “My secret special power

    1. lol – Yes, let’s talk!

      Talking is like my fourth favor(u)rite thing to do plus as a programmer I don’t get out much so human contact is limited, awkward and frequently involves a restraining order. 🙂

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