I’m feeling like getting back into blogging again.  It was a good, cathartic habit that Twitter came along and mugged with its shiny, sexy modern ways and Facebook nudged into the gutter with its voyeuristic look-at-me-I-made-a-cake feedback gratifications.

A habit.  Yes.  A good one?  In some ways.  Sometimes you can say too much.  Sometimes it can mean a work colleague stumbles across a thoughtless something that needed to come out on a blog just at the moment you would have preferred it had not.  It has happened to me in past, but I have this kind of self-deprecating arrogance that on the whole it’s not been a huge problem.  Plus I censor anything that on reflection seems a little too risque.  Mostly.

The Power of Habit by Charles DuhiggOn the subject of habits, I’ve been actively engaging a few of my own using some methods I came across in this excellent book: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-power-of-habit-charles-duhigg/1103588638

I blame it on the constant companionship of my Barnes and Noble Nook – which is probably the best way of encouraging me to read and the perfect distraction-free single-purpose reading device there is.  I’m waiting for the Nook with Glowlight to become available because it addresses the only slight nagging issue I had which was I needed to have a light nearby when the dusk and night-time started to creep their way across the crystal blue coastline of our American heartland skies.

I’ll spare you from the details of which habits I am conquering – nothing completely obscene, I hasten to add – but well, you know I’m only just getting back into the habit of sharing.  🙂


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