MySpace is not your space

I got a begging email from MySpace today and, suitably nostalgic, I logged in and took a look.

I’ve canceled my account now – when you do it there’s a chance to say why. I think my optional “account cancelation reason” pretty much makes it clear. I’d love to talk to someone at MySpace about what, as a consumer, I just don’t get about the site.

The redesign is HORRIBLE…but I visited anyway to take a look again at MySpace – perhaps I’d just not given it a chance.

Within minutes of updating my profile – despite having privacy settings set up and not really having much on there – was spammed by several obviously spamming accounts with pictures of barely-clad girls inviting me to go to phishing/porn sites.

This is just very very poor.

The design of the site is just impenetrable and seemingly purposeless. The question that remains unanswered, for me at least, is “what would I need to use MySpace for?”

Sadly the answer is..nothing. So I come back to cancel my account to prevent further spam and to avoid my details being used by people I don’t choose for purposes I do not require or wish.

I know I can change privacy settings – mine were already set to balance privacy over usability – but without a reason to use the site (any really, why is MySpace there?) then the best action is to run away as fast as possible.

I hate to be negative like this – I am a professional developer, designer and UI specialist and it’s crushing to receive horrible feedback on your product – but seriously, MySpace needs to raise its game or it’s going to die a death of a 1000 cuts and that’s really sad. 😦



2 thoughts on “MySpace is not your space

  1. So, continuing, I believe NewsCorp are trying to kill MySpace. Which is a good thing in terms of the current monster that it is, but a sad thing in terms of the emerging talent who will probably no longer have an easy-to-get, snap-on webpage that gives them an audio player and a bit of snazzy functionality.

    Yes there’s others, bandcamp and all of the others are coming through and it’s relatively inexpensive to get a website together, and low-maintenance using wordpress et al.

    But I believe there’s a place for if not a MySpace clone, an aggregator or listing tool that could become a super directory of bands/artists.

    Ben Walker has come up with something he’s calling Myzbase (geddit!) but I would have thought the replacement tool needs to be a big step away from myspace in name. Just saying.

  2. I’m with you all the way. I’m seeing bands tweet their goodbyes to Myspace daily.

    Myzbase is probably not going to be the final name of my app – I just found it funny and it makes it easy to talk to bands about it. There are so many sites called MyBandPage or BandSite or BandWeb and they’re all crap. If you think of a great name, let me know!

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