Dog walking in Nebraska…

In HD – come experience our walkies time. 🙂

(Next time I promise not to make the video so wobbly – honest!)


5 thoughts on “Dog walking in Nebraska…

  1. I did it all on my Mac – I used Handbrake to convert the raw AVI from the HD camera into something more usable and then imported into iMovie for editing and uploading. The titles and effects along with things like audio dipping and the soundtracks are all stock things in iMovie. The poor camera work and sound quality are all mine!

  2. Some time this year I’m going to migrate from the free editing software I’ve been using, to something with higher levels of sophistication. It looks like iMovie has a raft more functionality than the VideoPad product I use.

    You can get stabilisation plug-ins for most editing software. But I’ve noticed pixelation/degrading of the video when I use them. So I don’t.

    Mobile filming is easy. I mount a tripod on the passenger seat, secure it with the seat-belt.

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