Octomom in shocker

Oops, hello blog people.  I ought to get back into blogging really – after all I spend 90 percent of my day spouting uninvited advice   wisdom verbiage to people and I could record it all here for posterity.

Weird to see that the number 1 top post by far here is still “how to make a proper English cup of tea for me”; written several years ago yet pulling in the visitors like a hooker on free-vend.  Clearly there’s a huge demand for tea-related skills in the ‘blogosphere’ (as I believe one is supposed to refer to such frippery nowadays).

Also, this is the third time today I have used the term “one”.  I also note that I am writing this on a day when I am super busy (as I believe one is supposed to refer to such, er…yes…) and haven’t got time for anything other than the stuff I have to make time for.  Meh.

Hello?  Is this thing on?


6 thoughts on “Octomom in shocker

  1. I know the feeling; I’ve been on a bit of a blog sabbatical for longer than I can count — and I’m so full of words and things — even occasional sentences and paragraphs — I feel the world (and its dog) is missing out… or something.

    It is interesting looking at what it is that pulls in your readers (in my case, you tweeted “hey, I blogged!” (or words to that effect)) — and tea is of a paramount importance. Of course, I’m a conundrum — when I’m at home, it’s bag and sugar in first (followed by the boiling water) — occasionally having warmed the mug (has to be a mug) prior to tea-making, only adding milk after the tea bag has infused and been squeezed against the side (to get all the “good bits” out)); but when I’m in public, it’s milk in first, then tea (usually from the pot) and sugar… Total craziness!

    Of course, you should follow up your tea entry with a coffee entry (and maybe make it into a trilogy with one devoted to hot chocolate); assuming you haven’t already done so — as I said, I’ve not been around for a while.

    “Busy” was to blame in my case too — I do wonder, on the scale of things — does SUPER BUSY come before, or after MEGA BUSY — and is there a HYPER BUSY somewhere in there too? Maybe I’m pondering too much and I should just accept that busy is as busy does and I probably should kick myself back into the blogging habit too. I certainly have enough words for it!

    Pondering now, is the blogosphere still a going concern? How does it fit in with the current cloud thinking? What happens if it rains? (And I’m not going to even consider hail or snow right now!)

    I’m rambling — probably a sign I’ve too much to say — I should find others to inflict — I mean comment on. (I wonder who is still around)

    Have a good day there!

  2. I think you should think about a thing to tell the world in an Alistair Cooke ‘letter from America’ kind of monologue and join us in the studio (virtually, obv) on Friday. What you think?

    1. Good plan Batman – many purposeful and accidental killings to speak of with resultant 100 year sentences plus a good story about a 2% raise in sales tax by stealth and the fact there is a lynchmob* who wish to do away with the Omaha mayor.

      We will not mention the W word – even if it hails football-sized iceballs through my car windscreen.

      *I may have exaggerated the lynching aspect of the mob. 😉

  3. Excellent thinking.

    We have changed things our end; after a lot of experimenting I have reprogrammed the mixer, so now we have a proper ‘talk-back’ channel during music play which doesn’t put our conversation anywhere near the recording channel.

    So we could call you up during record play, have a chat, establish input/output levels etc, fade you down, do the music back-announce, introduce and fade you up.

    We also now have variable volume output from the mixer – which doesn’t affect the recording levels. If we came down the line a bit ‘hot’ before, our outgoing volume to you should be normal or not much off normal now.

    1. I think the level to me has sometimes been too loud and sometimes not – I do have a volume control on the headset I wear so I can fiddle with that too if necessary. Proper talk-back will be handy! If you can give me a 10 minute warning prior to us doing the do I can make sure I am ready to sparkle Mr De Mille 😀

      p.s. I’ll delete these comments shortly unless you want them to remain for historic interest…

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