W00t – sunshine!

After three months of constant snow the last few weeks in Omaha have been awesome.  The weather has been 29C in the afternoon, I even have a tan, in April!

Lots of neighbors have been coming out of the woodwork and all the local dogs have been socializing and barking happy barks at each other whilst the kids zoom around on rediscovered bicycles and scooters.  The apartment pool opens next month and people have already started grilling (for the Brits: barbecuing – we have a specially designed permanent barbecue area with big ready-to-go professional BBQ grills there for community use – welcome to the hot climate way of doing things).

Happy days.


6 thoughts on “W00t – sunshine!

  1. OMG, that person on all fours. Is that a native of the colonies? And why is he wearing a fur coat when the sun is obviously shining?

    I guess vegetarianism is a dirty word out there?

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