OK Go!


3 thoughts on “OK Go!

  1. Wicked! They’re the guys that did the treadmill video, right?

    The question is: how many takes did this – er – take (a few, judging by their paintiness at the beginning) and was it all completely gin-yew-eyne, or was there computer trickery involved?

    Actually, I don’t care. I love it, whatever happens.

  2. Yes they did the video with the running machines. There is a four part “making of” video although curiously it doesn’t actually show…the…making..of… so I have no idea how many takes. I’m guessing several takes from several angles to get it right (and the paint at the start is a big hint at it).

    It is brilliant though!

  3. That is the best video i have seen in ages. I loved the bit with the glasses and water. That was ace. Brilliant

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