I’m going to do an epic catch-up blog shortly.

Meanwhile, briefly:

We have been married 103 days.  All is going brilliantly.  I chose well.  😉
I took and passed my Douglas County / Nebraska driving test yesterday so I now have a US and UK/European driving license.  The Nebraska DMV do not recognize a UK license as one of those that means you are exempt from being tested although the guy that dealt with me said “it’s crazy because the UK test is much harder to pass”.

Despite what I’ve been told about DMV staff they have been nice to me both times I’ve been in there and they even made jokes about the steering wheel being on the left when they were asking the mandatory safety questions.

The US “emergency stop” consists of slowing down as if you have a puncture, putting on the handbrake when you’ve stopped and putting on the hazard warning lights.  Luckily I read about this the night before my test because the UK emergency stop means “pretend someone has just stepped in front of the car and brake as hard as you can and come to a controlled stop without skidding or crashing”.  I told the DMV staff driving examiner about this and after lots of laughter and her saying “thank God you didn’t do that or I’d have had a heart attack” she went on to tell the other staff in the office as soon as I got back.

It snowed in November and never went away.  The coldest it got here over Winter was the equivalent of minus 27 degrees C.  It hadn’t snowed for about two weeks and it had nearly all melted except for the bigger drifts…until yesterday evening when it started snowing again, and hasn’t stopped although it’s probably too warm to lay around for long.  So far, about 2 inches on the grass and wet slush on the roads which, in Nebraskan terms is considered “Spring weather” and “quite warm”.  😀  There is talk of it getting as high as 50F next week, lol.  Roll on the 100 degree F Summer!

I have my Green Card which means I’m almost American.  No, I do not own a gun (male Brit friends seem to ask me this a lot) – unless you’re a robber reading this in which case, yes, I own a Bren Gun and eight assault rifles with the ammo slung in bandoliers in a cross shape over my chest Rambo style at all times.  Nobody puts Baby in the corner*

Girl Scout cookies are a) supremely moreish and b) a total nightmare to co-ordinate if you are the parent of a Girl Scout.

I have an ever-increasing collection of baseball caps.  This grows on the same upward curve as my waistline.

I have discovered Julia Child.  This is not going to help my waistline.

I’ve been here five and a half months now.  I don’t miss the UK at all.  I do miss British friends and family but not enough to jump on a plane, that’s what social networking and Skype is for isn’t it?

Anyhoo – hope you’re all OK.  What’s happening in your bloggy little world then?

*I may be deliberately confusing my movie references there for comedic effect…