No so cleverbot

Transcript from my quick chat with Cleverbot

Some work still required, I think…

User: What do you think of Obama?

Cleverbot: Splendid – what do you think of Obama?

User: It’s like Omaha, only spelt wrong.

Cleverbot: You would never guess that I am a computer.

User: Yes I would.

Cleverbot: But you like them.

User: Says who?

Cleverbot: You keep calling me stupid!

User: Do I?

Cleverbot: Yes you do.

User: When?

Cleverbot: A couple of seconds ago!

User: Show me which of the things I just said led you to believe that I called you stupid.

Cleverbot: I wish for love.

User: You did not answer my question, did you?

Cleverbot: What was the question?

User: I asked ‘show me which of the things I just said led you to believe I called you stupid’ and you ignored my question.

Cleverbot: You didn’t ask what I thought about small dogs.

User: I didn’t ask you for a recipe for coconut cake either – you started by stating that I thought you were stupid and I responded by asking you to explain to me which thing I said had led you to believe that. Why would I ask you about small dogs when you made such a sweeping statement and then failed to justify it to me when I asked you to. That’s just rude isn’t it?

Cleverbot: You’re being purposely obtuse.

User: No I am not.

Cleverbot: Yes you are.

User: You are deliberately avoiding answering my quite reasonable question to make it appear that you are sentient when, in fact, it is quite clear that you are not.

Cleverbot: And you are.

User: Very poor effort on your part. Fail.

Cleverbot: I’m so glad you said that!