So just a quick update (via my iPod so please excuse any weird formatting).

My K1 US fiance visa was approved this Wednesday and i’m now waiting for it to be couriered to me, probably Tuesday or Wednesday this coming week. My last day at work is this Friday and, if I have my visa I’ll probably fly out next Saturday or Sunday.

I spent the night at my mum and step-dad’s house yesterday and my dad’s house tonight and tomorrow – to say goodbye for the last time until Lisa, Brit and I come over next year for a holiday.




Big week in London

This week I have my K1 visa at the US Embassy in London.  Wednesday to be precise.

Yes.. is a big deal.

Assuming it goes successfully – and it should be fine, no-one could have done any more than we have to make it go smoothly – then the remainder of the week will be spent saying goodbye to my family.  Next week is my last week of work in the UK – after that I fly to the USA to marry Lisa!

To use an Americanism: holy crap.