Off to the Embassy

FINALLY!  Our visa paperwork is off to the US Embassy in London.  Hurrah!

In the next week or so I should start receiving letters from them inviting me to send some bits and bobs and then arrange a medical and my visa interview!  SO EXCITED!!

It’s REALLY happening now.

I *should* be getting married, in the US, in November, a little while before Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, I’m educating my future wife and in-laws on the correct way to do The Lambeth Walk.


6 thoughts on “Off to the Embassy

  1. Lisa: I walk like that ALL the time, haven;t you noticed? I thought that was what attracted you to me in the first place. 😀

    Gemmak: definitely! We can measure the time in weeks or DAYS now. Woop woop.

  2. Only just read this….been in Italy you know Hope the paperwork, medical and interview go well and you get to live in the US – together.

    I’m jealous and wish you both every happiness.

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