9 thoughts on “The MK poet…who isn’t

  1. This Life Plan. If you want a Gantt chart listing all dependencies, tasks that can be run in parallel and an accompanying risk analysis and issue register, I’m yer man. 🙂

  2. Never dropped a project yet. Mind you, I have been known to shout at people who threaten the viability of a package. And if shouting doesn’t work they find themselves not working on my projects any more 🙂

  3. Then you’ll be pleased to hear that neither now exist. You’ll not be quite so pleased to hear that clones of matching quality and esteem have sprung up in other parts of the Town and that it is almost completely unchanged to the way I remember it from nearly 20 years ago… 🙂

  4. blimey its 12 years even since i’ve had a drink there. we used to go to mod nights at the angels reply and in a sports club – forget whether it was rugby or football – mod nights were called up the junction – good times!

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