Blog desert

I feel I really ought to write  something here.  To be honest I’m spending all my computer-fiddling time on Facebook and Twitter at the moment – plus being a bit overly prolific with the poetry.

I’ll come back soon.  Honest.

Remind me to tell you about:

  • Poetry busking.
  • Lisa coming here again next week.  🙂
  • Me being an “award winning poet” (apparently my award is ‘on the way’).
  • Some of my poems being published.
  • One poem in particular taking on a life of its own and fulfilling my dreams for it.  Yay.  Fly my pretty, fly.
  • Cheese-grater leg-iron lion.
  • Putting things on the Elf Shelf.

8 thoughts on “Blog desert

  1. Its sometime hard to blog with everything else that is going on. I am keeping note of what your up to on Twitter and facebook so i am happy. And lisa.. weeeeeeee

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