Do the mashed patata

Warning: I’m feeling in an inspired mood this weekend – I’m *actually* going to blog plus I have three new poems to finish and two blog posts: one about my excellent Christmas with Lisa and the other about some poetry gigs I’ve performed at including the ever-excellent Poetry Kapow, an eventful Tin Angel, and lastly (for now) the launch night of the outrageously successful Tongue in Chic Poets night.

I’m a tad biased about the last one, given that I am one of the founder members (blame the draw of a snowy pub) and I’m also the webmaster – but it really did rock that night!  It’s looking more and more like a new poetic renaissance has arrived in the Milton Keynes area with all of the established events turning out a pretty decent crowd with a brilliance of diverse work of the best quality.

Monkey Kettle is branching out a little more into music, a contest no less and there are several regular nights coming up two of which I will be performing at: “From Bard to Verse” in Stony Stratford – part of the Stony Words thing and I will be slipping out during the week to meet up with The Shaman of The North at “Raising the Arwen” to do some ever-so-bizarre poetical stuff

Meanwhile, via the ever-lovely Floaty Katja’s Facebook posting; something to make you smile.  Ironically I’ve just moved from T-Mobile to 3 Mobile.


All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuuu

[EDIT: Yes yes yes, I know – *still* not got around to blogging about Omaha.  Soon, ok?]

Tomorrow I blog about Christmas in Omaha.  With pictures, soppyness and everything.  Suffice to say: best Christmas for a very long time.  She is very special and I am so lucky.