Poetry and plugging

Because I iz so busy n stuff innit: I’ve not got around to blogging about some recent fun (and I’m at work so I better not do it right now either).  Briefly:

  • Champagne, in the morning, at work, twice in two weeks.  Huge new recession-proof deals  I think I made the right decision to work here.
  • Pownce is closing, Revision3 laying people off and cancelling shows (despite Digg hiring the lead developer on the PHP project).  Not good news for the Web 2.0 world.  I’ve always been a little suspicious of anybody that has a business model which doesn’t extend beyond “we will sell advertising and be rich whilst doing some cool stuff”.
  • Brilliant Birthday due to even more brilliant woman.
  • My shining armour and white steed are safely back in the stable after riding to the rescue of several victims of rubbish ISPs.  (Breaking news: a text message this morning reveals there is more to do due to further ISP stupidity.  *edit* all fixed there too now*).  Warm and fuzzy feeling = on, setting = gas mark 6.
  • I have been off to the wilds to freak people with my poetry whilst simultaneously becoming a founder-member and web-master of a local poetry group.
  • The most recent gig was in Coventry at The Tin Angel.  A lovely venue with a wide selection of poets.  Four of us went up to “reprazent” the Milton Keyne’s ‘sound’  (oh yes, I’m down with the lingo kidz big dog).  This is worthy of a blog post on its own so I’ll do that later…ish.

Which leads me on to the plugging.

Poetry gig: www.poetrykapow.co.uk Poetry Kapow is on this Sunday.  I will be performing but if that doesn’t curl your chest hairs there will be umpteen other VERY good poets with only one bad one allowed for the sake of diversity and because there is probably some European law that says we have to have a stinker in there too – I’m assuming it’s not me (one man’s genius is another man’s personality disorder personified) but you’ll never know if you don’t turn up.  Poetry Kapow is excellent.  Trust me.  Excellent music, poetry  and some other arty stuff.  Lots of different styles ranging from funny stand-up comedian-type poets through lyrical Byronesque master-pieces to profound tear-jerking thought-invaders.

No excuses now – if you’re anywhere near Wolverton, Milton Keynes get your wobbly bits down to see us all.  The bar is CHEAP and the consumption of absinthe and cheroots is no longer compulsory to enjoy the evening.  Honest.


10 thoughts on “Poetry and plugging

  1. Heh, Liverpool is a *little* too far to come and therefore you’re allowed to skip this event, OK? Bulldog and Lisa might have to give it a miss too. 🙂

    Don’t forget to pack your Spanish snow shoes and sled dogs for when you land – Liverpool is going to be a bit snowy today!

  2. IIRC you had a poetically-agnostic education so I doubt it would be your thing 😉 Besides, that journey would require several changes of horse and, quite frankly, the hitching points on the A43 are not what they once were and you’d return to find Vin replaced by a dog on a string and a black sack full of dirty washing.

    Glad you moved from your old ISP – their new lords and masters have an upgrade policy which sucks big ones. A prime example of “new” ownership not always being a good thing.

  3. Bit far for me too but it looks brilliant. Plug away.
    Also nothing wrong with a drop of champers to start off the day. *hick*

  4. Bit far for me too but it looks brilliant. Plug away.
    Also nothing wrong with a drop of champers to start off the day. *hic*

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