Well duh!

And so it begins:  Iraq war ‘violated rule of law’… [Lord Bingham, former Law Lord].


12 thoughts on “Well duh!

  1. Item the first (on point) – It is relatively easy to discern on Monday what one should have done on Sunday. Ask any quarterback. (U.S. football metaphor)

    Item the second (off point) – Mrs B. says:

    [begin vocal]
    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday, dear Ian.
    Happy birthday to you.
    [end vocal]

    Me, accompanying on the zither, since my voice is a high misdemeanor in several small countries and in at least 14 states of the Union.

  2. On the first point: in the UK, at the time, it was relatively easy to discern that attempts were being made to hoodwink us (with much discussion amongst the press and us plebs) and the reason there is so much glee fuelled by 20/20 hindsight is quite a big swathe of people are hoping to be able to point fingers and say “see, I *knew* it!” It’s not the war per se, it had been a long time in the coming, it’s the fact that there was a very strong feeling the specific justification finally used and much trumpeted was flawed and fairly blatantly shoe-horned through Parliament which much rumbling and dissent. A bit like watching a notorious drug dealer finally being arrested and sent to prison on charges of child porn – only to find out he never had any child porn or a computer: is it still ok since he deserved it for being a drug dealer? Do the means always justify the end? Easy for me to ponder these questions, I realise, but in some way valid none-the-less.

    On the second point: Thank you! I do like a nice bit of zither-accompanied falsetto – wot with me being a Bee Gee and that jazz. 😉

  3. Tan, that’s a fantastic comment because it means that the thread is starting to head towards the point where I can legitimately use the word “antidisestablishmentarianism” – it’s only a question of time now. 🙂

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