My Sunday Night

This what I did this Sunday evening (the videos are a bit janky because I took them on my phone – I’m upgrading to a Nokia N96 soon which, amongst many other lovely things, has a *much* better camera).

It’s nice to live so near the park.  🙂  There were a couple of people missing though.


5 thoughts on “My Sunday Night

  1. Wow that cool. I cant wait to see the fireworks tomorrow. As for now i think a sparkler in the garden will have to do. Sundays are always a bit boring but you seemed to have loads of fun. x

  2. Hi Fabby, it was fun – would have been better if I had a Star Trek transporter to bring over my favourite Nebraskan and her TLK to share it with me!

    Oh and thanks – the blog is more minimalistic than before but I think a little prettier. 🙂

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