If it’s the last thing we ever do…


7 thoughts on “If it’s the last thing we ever do…

  1. Atypical behavior (is that an understatement?) typically receives some response. A stare. A shaken head. Raised eyebrows.

    There was absolutely no response from anyone. Very strange.

    By the way. . . First, a clerk in a store. Now a student in a university. Are you contemplating something?

  2. Heh, Bulldog -you know I would *never* do anything like this… 😉 There were several people who ignored him completely when you would have expected them to give him a look, for example the couple sitting on the bench at the end of the corridor; they never even glance at him. The woman in the pink though, she seemed genuinely confused, who knows? Still, the video made me laugh – and to think I was going to post “Paint it Black” by the Stones (because I love the lyrics).

    HF – hello! Not heard from you for *ages*, and yes “wow” at the bendy man indeed.

    Gemmak – being normal is highly over-rated. 🙂

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