If it’s the last thing we ever do…


Busy busy

I’ve been beavering away playing with my new web hosting account (as has Lisa).

At last I’ve managed to move my poetry site to the new host and made it all pretty – bloggers will be pleased to hear that it’s driven by WordPress, as in the WordPress application rather than the hosted flavour like this one you’re reading right now – so comments and so on work.  Niiiiice.

I think it looks pretty: www.alexsykie.com

If you’ve been there before try hitting F5 in your browser if it still looks like the old site (it should show an autumn leaves theme rather than the old blue city skyline version).

I am *really* impressed with what it’s possible to do with WordPress and I’ve only just scratched the surface so far.

I need to sleep now.  Must remember to do that.  Yes.


So in what must be one of the ultimate blog Blinks we have been fostering Anglo/American relations.  The full programme of events has, as yet, to unfurl but we have already ensured that Lisa has done the following:

  • Visited the dreaming spires of Cambridge.
  • Looked at people on the Cam who are tourists and seen people who can control a punt.  They are not the same people.
  • Had her picture taken in a red telephone box.  (We’ll ignore the fact that the phone inside could send and receive email and surf the web – it was a traditional cast iron phone box).
  • Had a “proper English” curry.  Chicken Bhuna – before you ask.
  • Drunk ‘too many’ Leffes – despite dire warnings from the rest of us that the fact the two males in the party could pour it down their necks at an alarming rate yet still apparently walk and talk was actually an illusion and, in reality, Leffe is only slightly more safe than depleted Uranium.  Lisa discovered that our advice should have been followed later in the evening when she lost the power of cohesive speech.
  • Lisa and I have been enjoying the full effects of the subtle “sounds like the same language but actually isn’t” thing.  English person: would you like a cup of coffee?  American: Sure.  English person: Do you mean yes? American person: Sure.  English person #2: That means “I’d love one”.  English person: Ohhh.
  • Yes, despite her previous “don’t be silly, I could drive over here” Lisa now accepts that to do so, particularly in Central London and the insanity of the Milton Keynes round-abouts, would in fact be an act of suicide.
  • Oh, and driving across the same round-abouts at 60mph (considered “dawdling” in Milton Keynes) does not help at all when your passenger suddenly notices the effects of jet-lag.
  • Our McDonald’s “do different puddings”.  The burgers are the same – only three times the price.
  • Fresh fish is a wonder to behold and you must stand and stare at it in awe if you come from the mid-West of America.  They eat catfish and carp.  If we catch either over here we throw them back into the river.
  • We are off to see the canal boats in a minute.
  • Gemmak and Fletch are  f a n t a s t i c and incredibly generous hosts and all-round lovely people.
  • Lisa wants to steal my sister’s dog.
  • I am apparently “too ‘onery to blog” today.  When I find out what ‘onery means I might say “humph”.
  • We had home-cooked American pancakes, maple syrup and bacon.  Everyone had seconds.  They were yummy.  Fletch described them – correctly – as drop scones.
  • Gemmak is a looney and is the original inspiration for the Energiser Bunny.  Fletch is a dude.

…and there’s still a whole week left.  🙂