September begins..

Old job – left it on Friday.

New job – starts on Monday.

Good luck to New Orleans – looks like you’re going to need it. 😦

Music keeps me afloat:


13 thoughts on “September begins..

  1. I had the same thing going. I left this Friday and I was supposed to join on Monday. But I got a call saying they would like if I join on 8th instead of 1st, but my official joining date would still remain the 1st. That means I am going to get paid for the week for no reason at all. Yay 🙂

    All the best for your new job. You’ll rock.

  2. Good luck with your new job! I’m so excited for you! 🙂

    Ahhh… I understand that this is Mr. Brightside, but … you like this rendition? 🙂 Although the uke playing is not bad.

  3. Lisa – I think this version is brilliant – full of passion and a really good raw edginess to it. Julia Nunes (this singer) has an excellent voice. 🙂

    wakeupscared – it’s going ok so far! I’ve already spent lots of the new boss’ money on shiny new toys I mean computers for me (I already had three on my desk when I arrived but a man can’t have quite enough computer power).

    Tan – you’ll steal some more weenies soon wont you? Isn’t this a regular thing or do you have to move on to druggies and firestarters? I forget.

  4. weenies occur only at half term, xmas, easter and uring august. yeh its regular i’ve been there coming up for 2 years

    im hopefully moving on to asylum seekers soon however.

  5. Hope it all went well. Perhaps they would like to expand into obstetrics and they will need an adviser, I checked their web-site, no jobs at the moment!
    Is October still an exciting prospect? I was thinking that we could all meet up?

  6. New job is going very well – we’ve both worked together for many years (about 12ish) and thus are able to be quite rude to each other without fear of industrial tribunals getting in the way. We’ve already had our first argument. This is quite normal. He considers me a psychotic computer programmer who is barely on this planet and has a tenuous grip on reality. He is right. I think he sneakingly wants to be me and would quickly go bust if I was not around. I am right*.

    My shiny new development PC arrived this afternoon ready for me to fiddle with it all day on Monday so next week starts well too. Much less stress than the old job and virtually 100 percent development which is my main vocational “thing”.

    Oh and we have a toaster and a proper kitchen and not some dirt-infested hell-hole like the old place. Hot toast and decent coffee during a morning meeting is just the way work should be done!

    *I may not be right, I am feeling a bit mental today. 🙂

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