Is it September yet?

In fact, forget that (much more exciting) – is it October yet?


22 thoughts on “Hurry

  1. I’ve been to the Danish Bacon factory – it’s in England! (they are one of our customers – long story).

    I’m still to be convinced about the idea of pancakes, maple syrup and bacon but I *am* a greedy boy so it might not take much effort. 😉

  2. Talk about imigration problems in England….

    Are you saying we now have migrant Danish Swine? Do they pay taxes into the UK coffers and get free social and veterinary care as well? I bet the bloody abattoir is forced to have H&S signed in Danish/Polish as well…!

    What is this county coming to…? I blame the Pigging EC!


  3. Lol…this is turning into stupidity again, Danish bacon factories in the UK and the piggin EC, funny…big!

    I think you will likely manage pacakes with bacon, do we need to source American Danish streaky bacon from somewhere…should be start with ebay?

  4. Pancakes require butter and maple syrup with (and I’ll translate here) a rasher of streaky bacon on the side. There’s simply no other way.

    Well, there is, but it involves frou-frou toppings and sides usually invented by some gay chef in California.

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