This is the music in my head this morning.

A great song, is a great song no matter where it’s played, how it’s played or who plays it (mostly).

Ukuleles are fun

This version still sends shivers down my spine

All famous bands should be able to do what you see in the next video, in case there ever is a nuclear winter and we all need cheering up without the aid of electricity and microphones. I still think The Magic Numbers are just one of the best bands on the planet; the minute I hear them sing it makes me think of sunshine, burritos and open-topped cars.

..and finally Esther, it doesn’t matter if someone can play it a bit better than you or more accurately – you just have to sing it with some feeling..


4 thoughts on “Music…

  1. in case there ever is a nuclear winter ….lol, that’s a cheerful thought but the possibility of a little light entertainment I suppose might lighten the situation should it occur! ;o)

  2. I put both versions in, the girls playing the uke and The Coldplayers (cover) version because I think they show the point – a good song is a good song and the uke girls just seems to be having such a laugh it makes me smile.

    I prefer the Coldplayers cover to the real Coldplay version because I think he does such a good job of it with such minimalistic backing. He has such an excellent voice.

    The version of Neil Young’s “The needle and the damage done” is just a great example of someone putting some real feeling into the lyrics. I *wish* I’d written that song – the lyrics are superb, but then the same is true of the Coldplay song; excellent lyrics.

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