The Big Moo

I’m back!  I have very sore feet and legs from lots of bending down and loads of walking from venue to venue (Milton Keynes shopping centre is one mile end-to-end and the Theatre District is another 500 metres from that).

I got asked to write some of my poems out in big chalk letters “all over The Theatre District”…so I did.

Literally hundreds of people watched me do it and by the end of tonight several thousand will have seen my work.  This is a very good thing.

I also did two performance sets, one hour each, on the two stages.  One stage was by the “Big Tree” in Midsummer Place and the other stage was slap, bang in the middle of Middleton Hall surrounded by all the cafes and restaurants.  I got a very enthusiastic reception and was asked back in the evening for some yummy food (from which I have returned).  I’ve been approached by a few people to do some more in other venues in the next few weeks so I may well take up the offer.

All in all, a very good day…although I am absolutely wiped out now (and a little sunburnt).

To see some of my pics go here:

There are lots more pictures on the way as I was photographed by the press and several friends who will send me the pictures soon.

Yes, I did read “Sleeper“, twice, and yes my dad did cry, twice.  🙂


5 thoughts on “The Big Moo

  1. Wow brilliant. I loved the chalk on the pavement that really looks good.
    It took me back looking at those pictures as i saw TGI Fridays. I opened that restaurant, spending 3 months in a hotel tracking backwards and forwards to the restaurant to train and set up.
    Anyhoo. Well done you. Thats so cool. x

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