Hmm, 12 hours and still sleepy

The fact that I just spent about a minute staring into the inside of my cooker wondering where my freshly washed shirts have gone seems to indicate that I might just still be a little tired.

p.s. It’s ok, I’ve found them inside the washing machine now.


10 thoughts on “Hmm, 12 hours and still sleepy

  1. I do stuff like that too. Wander around the kitchen with a container of milk in my hand wondering where the fridge is. Wonder why something in the microwave isn’t cooking – because I hadn’t turned it on. It worries me sometimes. Other times I just smirk at myself. šŸ™‚

  2. I suspect that the cooker would probably dry the shirts, albeit in a less than optimal manner.

    On a similar note . . .

    I have found, on a couple of occasions, that putting grapefruit juice on my cereal while pouring milk into a glass makes an interesting breakfast.

  3. Gemmak, that’s because you are, technically, clinically insane.

    Bulldog – you’re just a fashion icon, soon all the clever kids will be putting grapefruit juice on their cornflakes.

  4. I liked when I put the coffee on in my hotel room and forgot to put the carafe back into the coffee maker. šŸ™‚

    I like the idea of the grapefruit juice on cornflakes. I’m wondering, though, if washing clothes with cat food would eliminate the need to iron later. You should try it. Let me know.

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