Er… ALT F4?

Not sure what to do – I *actually* don’t want to restart the mail server on which I have just treid to uninstall this crappy driver software for the utterly utterly useless NAS boxes we bought from (and sent back to) Dabs.

We bought three of them, two failed constantly with the RAID mirrors either failing totally or partially and being made further pointless by the completely ineffective backup software that came with them.

The uninstall program for the drivers pretty much summed up our entire experience with them.

Note the lack of a “No, I don’t want to restart my heavily-used mail server” option or a cancel button or any other option except “Ha, we WILL restart your server because our software sucks big ones”:


13 thoughts on “Er… ALT F4?

  1. I hate lazy software authors. I mean, it’s pretty transparent that in most instances there should be a: Yes, do it now. No, do it later. Cancel this operation, and (if possible): Rewind this installation RIGHT NOW button, no?

  2. Speaking as a “software author” myself (I am lazy too, but that’s an entirely different matter) – this kind of install SNAFU would require the programmer to deliberately put in some brain-dead code in order for that dialog to appear in that way. The default for most install packagers is “reboot: yes or no”. Especially unforgivable when it’s for a NAS box which is very likely to be controlled by a server. Meh.

  3. “software author” …. Developer then? ;O)

    Admit to getting excited then, NAS: Navision Application Server, that’s my bag, baby… ;O)

  4. Fletch: Yes, the word “Navision” has been mentioned before as your religious persuasion. I’m going to pretend I know exactly how Navision works and stuff like that so that our inevitable meeting does not entirely descend into discussions revolving around Monty Python and how Steve Ballmer is a proper weirdo.

    Bulldog, this NAs thing was very similar – I’m not entirely sure the dialog wasn’t written for a bet.

    A quick update: the uninstall progran actually overwrote several key Windows system files on our server and has caused me a not insurmountable amount of grief. Plus Dabs did not pick up the parcel when they said they would – the icing on the cake in this saga.

  5. My favourite shipping saga is the UPS I tried to return and the vendor (even though it was returned via a “trade-up” program) refused it from the shipper.

    The shipper put the UPS in “shipping storage” and threatened to sue us for storage fees. lol

    After a call to the vendor saying “Nice trade-up program”, they decided they actually did need that back.

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