Sleep is for wimps, leave the sanity to the chimps

Welcome to my world, the world of a professional computer programmer. 😦


17 thoughts on “Sleep is for wimps, leave the sanity to the chimps

  1. This is most curious…

    Firstly the use of ‘Professional’ and ‘Programmer’ in the same sentence, but then you take it to an absurd level and add the words ‘Crunch Time’

    Perhaps you wanna become a ‘Developer’, it seems to work for my lot, wasters ;o)

    Hey… When things get tough just ask yourself, ‘What would the BOFH’ do? (Works for me ;o) )

    Ciao Ciao

  2. Anyone referring to me as a developer is forced to sit through a one hour YouTube video of Steve Ballmer telling the world how great Microsoft is – without the benefit of a broadband connection.

    I am a computer programmer – it says so on my passport so it must be true. 🙂

  3. well i’m not aginst tuition fees – mine are in exchange for a quliafication valid in all western countries and a job for life – the people who waste their pennies on a degree in Surf Studies – no sympathy

  4. My personal annoyance is degrees in “History of Art”. The world only needs two people who completed a “History of Art Degree” – one to do the job and the other one to be there in case the first one dies in a horrible pornography-reading accident.

  5. but they only wear pink ralph lauren shirts and pearl earrings.

    what about just making it ‘sloane studies’ year one – how to look chic in a barbour jacket, year two, where to meet chinless wonders….

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