My new favourite song

Viva La Vida by Coldplay
Excellent lyrics, plus the chords are from the (very) small selection I can actually play:

Here it is performed by an excellent cover band. I hate their use of YouTube’s new textbox comment thing which seems to be abused by nearly everyone now but their acoustic cover of this song is very good:


7 thoughts on “My new favourite song

  1. And Chris says this is a ‘New Direction!’ :o/

    Had my first chance to listen to the Album today… Disappointed… :o/ Everything sounds the same… Still… :o/

    I really rated A ‘Rush of Blood to the Head’ & X&Y (Parachutes could of been produced by Radiohead).

    Think they need to do a bit more radical ‘U2’esk’ re-invention…

    But hey, they do a lot of work for charity :O)

  2. Ah, had the crappiest day at work for a long time, came home, played this…feel much better now. Such an *excellent* tune and the band in the video do such a brilliant version of it. Guitar players note that the guitarist in the video doesn’t use the cheaty method with a capo and actually goes for playing the much harder minor chords (plus he has an amazing voice).

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