The morning after

Ian: I just opened a pack of bacon with one of my Samurai swords

G: What?!?!Β  Why did you do that?

Ian: To see if I could do it

G: Mate, you’re still drunk from last night

Ian: Ah, fair point


23 thoughts on “The morning after

  1. I did, they were a little like the noise Miss Piggy makes when she does a karate chop.

    [Smiles to himself at cleverness of Miss Piggy sounds for opening a packet of bacon]

  2. That would be my excellently self-referential answer, however – no, I just decided, like some mad scientist, to see if it was possible to open a packet of bacon using nothing more than a common, everyday 26 inch-bladed Samurai sword. The kind we all have lying around the house in case we need to help Hiro Nakamura or kill Bill.

    The conclusion drawn from the experiment was: “Yes. You can.”

  3. I seem to have wandered in to an alternate universe where the spoken language is Japanese and swords are the devices used for opening packages of food.

    I may go back to bed now and hope that everything has recovered when I wake up again.

  4. Bulldog – it’s working, the normal people are running away now. πŸ™‚

    Brennig – welcome to our universe, formal evening wear is optional, soup of the day is smoked elephant and noodle. Your waitress tonight will be Anne.

  5. *obviously* you’re right… :o)

    But do I get any points for owning every episode of ‘Kung Fu’ on DVD? ;o)

    Ahhh… Master Po

  6. (Konnichiwa, Ian).

    Did you throw the packet of bacon into the air, reach down to your sword in a blur, and then watch 4 rashers land on the pan in perfect array?

    Because that’s the way to do it, I reckon.

    You should be wearing black when you did this. It’s cooler. (Fashion-wise, not thermodynamically).

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