Ginger and honey tea


18 thoughts on “Ginger and honey tea

  1. An innovative blog post. Give yourself a cuddle and a pat on the back. I feel the conept will be much borrowed.

    p.s. I’m not too sure, I think the govt may well be behind the leg thing!

  2. Ah but Tan, I mean, like, wow man, I use ‘dudette’ with full irony switched on man. I’m clever like that. I even know the meaning of big words like “Antidisestablishmentarianism” and the fact that we seem to be arriving at the time the movement always wished for, largely due to rampant consumerism (a word which doesn’t have 12 syllables and is therefore far less sexy). Groovy. 🙂

    Brennig – I heard something twang as I patted myself on the back. That’s not supposed to happen is it?

    P.S. I’m prepared to allow others to use my lovely blog ideas for a huge small fee… [hobbles off goutily and pretends that he’s never nicked anybody else’s ideas..ever..]

  3. P.P.S. I notice I did not put a space between “every” and “day” which makes it look like I meant “ordinary” blogs. This should not annoy me as much as it does.

  4. 🙂
    I like ginger and lime tea – haven’t seen the honey and ginger before. Loved the handwriting (although, it did remind me a little of my own.. oh.. with the obvious exception that I could read yours!)

    I’ve been on twitter a while (I know you know that!) but I’ve only just found (been a longtime fan of google bookmarks) so seeing how that goes.

    dudes, dudettes… shakes head… that’s not irony… it’s more tinny or leadish 🙂
    take care there
    hope work becomes good and blogable

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