Black cab sessions

Genius idea.  Get musicians and performers, put them into the back of a random London cab and ask them to perform one item from their repertoire.

It’s a site really worth exploring for its simple but very effective idea and the quality of the performances.

I’ve already mentioned before that Benjamin Zephaniah frequently irritates me however he does have some brilliant work.  I’d think of him as a potential poetic role model but our respective politically-inspired poems differ on the point of cultural heritage and what exactly is the blame-monkey.  I think essentially we get to the same point in the end; think again about cheap chicken and 99p plimsolls.

In this link he performs “Rong radio station”, brilliantly, inspirationally, manically.  Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Black cab sessions

  1. Haven’t got around to listen/view – but I do find the idea appealing…. although, a little gimmicky – I’ll have a go tonight
    have a good day

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