Humph blows out

Woke up to read that Humphrey Littleton has kicked the bucket. A really nice guy, a genius in many areas and the irrepressible host of “I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue”. Ah well.

ISHIAC made me realise that Radio 4 was not just about The Archers and that in fact, radio is not just about music either. The Now Show, Dead Ringers, Clive Anderson’s show are all good. The Now Show in particular is just brilliant and is another example of something which works on many levels – irregular listeners will hear some of the best British comedy available today – regular listeners get a whole different show full of in-jokes and twists and turns on running themes that you only pick up if you listen every week. Yes we can.

Whenever people ask me what kind of rules or pentameter I am applying in a particular one of my poems I like to tell them I use the Mornington Crescent rules in all my poetry. Those that listened to the game, chaired by Humph in his own laconic style immediately understand, those that didn’t listen often (or did but didn’t realise what the game was all about) generally leave me alone after that. Life doesn’t have to have rules but if it does they generally change as soon as you think you understand them.

Bye bye Humph.


5 thoughts on “Humph blows out

  1. I’ve heard all the tributes these past days; although never actually heard of him (I know! it’s awful!) – ISIHAC is the sort of show I’d listen to if I could ever get myself organized enough to plan to turn the radio on at a set time, set day. But, from whatever has said, he sounds like he was a great guy whose presence will be missed.

    I have to agree with you on “the now show” – the friday night comedy podcast is regularly on my mp3 device of choice (I used to also catch Punt and Dennis on their “It’s been a bad week” show, back when I actually did get radio reception on my train journey home (no idea what happened there!))


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