Meme time

Gleaned from Gemmak:

4 movies I’d watch again:
War Games, It’s a wonderful life, The Harder they come, Groundhog Day.

4 places I’ve lived:
Milton Keynes, London, Warwick, Letchworth (Herts).

4 TV shows I watch:
QI, Later with Jools Holland, Diggnation (technically a video podcast), Friends (shhhh, guilty secret)

4 people I email:
Lisa, Roger, David, Jo.

4 things I eat:
Prawns, cheese, chilli, garlic (sometimes all four at the same time).

4 places I’d rather be:
America, Paris, Cyprus, London c1662.


18 thoughts on “Meme time

  1. Nice meme. 🙂

    And btw, cheese with prawns? What kind? I can’t imagine any cheese mixing well with prawns. But then, you’re the chef and I am not.

  2. War Games! Come on… You only need to watch it once to conclude ‘No-one can win a nuclear war!’… (Sad I know, but I had one of those voice synths…!! )

    Oh and I hope the Groundhog day select was a clever pun…. :O) (although I can think of a lot worse films… Mostly those without Andie MacDowell in them, just don’t mention Four Weddings! ;O) )

    Ciao Ciao

  3. Sussed it! (The 1662 issue that is…)

    He’s giving himself 2 years to travel all the way from London to the Father Land for 1664…!

  4. I say it has to do with Robert Boyle discovering that the volume of gas decreases linearly with pressure.

    No, really. What is it??

  5. Well, I must say you’ve all been very busy whilst I have been incommunicado (it’s weird working somewhere where I am unable to access the net all during the day).

    1662? Well I am a HUGE fan of Samuel Pepys’ diaries – I have read every one of them in their unabridged format twice – and the 1662 diary is fascinating. He “tousles” one woman in a drinking house (and I’d like to ask him exactly what that entails…I *think* I have an idea though), witnesses the trial and comments on the resoluteness of one of the conspirators in the regicide of Charles I and revels in the return of Charles II and his coronation and many other things. I’d also like to encourage him to keep writing in the later years since he gave up because he wrongly believed he was going blind. He was an absolutely remarkable man and yet so human in many ways. 1662 was one of his finest years and it would be fantastic to be there with him in restoration London. Just don’t let me be one of the paupers though!

  6. Nothing to do with beer then… :o/

    Get yourself to Germany Man… A think major outbreak of ‘Black Death’ starts in a few years time!!!

    Bring out your dead…… “I’m not dead yet”…

    Ciao Caio

  7. War Games? Props!

    And nice choice of year, everyone having plenty of fun now the Tyrannical rule of those parliamentarian ***** **** ****, ***** ********* was over! (sorry – I’m a bit of a royalist when it comes to the 17th Century)

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