Tinfoil hat

Idiot boss [pompously]: “Ian, can I count on you to be my go-to-guy on this?”

Punctuation [impassioned]:Cobras….cobras

Idiot boss: “Are you taking the piss?”

Punctuation: “I want to say no”

11 thoughts on “Tinfoil hat

  1. Heh heh. It does require a certain obsession with The Simpsons! The “cobras cobras”comment comes from an episode where Homer suffers from night terrors and there is a ridiculous scene where he is rolling around on the floors squealing cobras and batting them away in his sleep as he does it. So what I am really saying is “the thought of me being your ‘go to guy’ is a) not good and b) such a ridiculous clichéd phrase the best way to respond is by being silly and using a clichéd and ridiculous reference” – either that or I am being completely daft…. 😉

    The “want to say no” is also very Simpsonesque and is typically said by a character when they are obviously saying the complete opposite to that which the person asking the question desires – for example: “I know I burnt the office down and lost us our best customers but I still have a job, right?” to which you say “I want to say yes”.

    I need to get out more…. 🙂

  2. Ah, good point. I’m guessing “are you taking the mickey” would have been equally as obscure and lead people into confusion over Disney characters…

    It is always I bit weird when I hear any American friends say something along the lines of “I was late for the meeting, I was so pissed”.

  3. Actually, being late for a meeting would be a good thing. hehe 🙂 (I SO hate meetings… I spend them all writing cute scribbles in my notes)

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