Face painting

Oh the Beeb launched its sexy new look web site today. I like it, a good “refresh”.

Whilst trawling through I was reading the coroner’s directions to the jury in the Diana Inquest when this fantastic snippet jumped out at me:

Verdict options

He said that he and the jury – plus one Diana fan who sat through all the proceedings with the words “Diana” and “Dodi” painted on his face – were the only ones to hear every word of evidence.




9 thoughts on “Face painting

  1. Since when did evidence change anyone’s beliefs. Mohamed Al Fayed will be ranting about it again in a few months and the Daily Mail will print it.

    Why the face painting though?

  2. Don’t know – but I admire him for his ever-so-slight lunacy for doing it.

    I wondered if he was put up to it but Lord Harrod or perhaps hoped that his Fayedness would dump some cash his way as a thank-you for paying homage to the golden couple who were quite obviously brutally murdered on the orders of Prince Philip al Satanical by a cabal of MI5, MI6 and CIA agents to thwart their as-yet unannounced forthcoming marriage.

    (Can I have some money now please Mr Al Fayed sir, please).

  3. I’ve greatly enjoyed the Burrell-bashing. That’s been an unmissable highlight.

    The BBC makeover is nice, but feels weirdly elegant and spacious, like shifting from MySpace to Facebook. Not suggesting the BBC used to have the layout and colour scheme of a rancid slithery pile of festering vegetables as MySpace does, but it *does* suddenly look more web 2.0.

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