iPod Random Play

OK, I admit it, I had to grab for the iPod speaker system remote control and turn the volume down a bit so the neighbours couldn’t hear what was playing. Damn random shuffle feature….


8 thoughts on “iPod Random Play

  1. I had to come back on this. Yesterday whilst walking though the park my shuffling iPod served up Massive Attack’s ‘A Prayer for England’ followed by Portishead’s ‘Roads’. Stunning.

  2. Oh I have good stuff on there too – my iPod is 60gb and the whole thing is full (in fact I might take a screen shot of iTunes with its little meter showing that just to be cool). It’s just that some of the albums include things like “The very best of 80s school disco” – which is where Aha came from! (Honest).

  3. You don’t want the neighbours hearing it…. yet you’re sharing it on here?
    I have never actually heard that song. It’s not that bad I suppose. The outfits are!

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