Snow day

As predicted by several weather reports, it is snowing heavily in Milton Keynes with horrendous damage caused by the sheer weight of the white stuff.

I dug my way out of the flat this morning to take this picture of the morbidly threatening heavily-laden clouds dotting the ashen-grey sky of our Bank Holiday weather misery. I hope I make it through the worst of it…



13 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. Hey you have enough snow anyway in that massive snow dome of yours. Let some of us get a bit of the white stuff.
    We had lots of hail stone today. It was pretty amazing. I stood my little one on the window sil to have a look. She wasnt that impressed but i was.
    Snow is coming Easter day they say. Well we will see. I will take a pic if it does.

  2. We have snow…. well, maybe half an inch… or just less.
    *looks out of window*
    Ah, sorry, ignore that, sunshine here! :o)

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