Sometimes someone can do something so simple but so thoughtful that it can genuinely stop you in your tracks and humble you.  Really.  For various reasons I can’t (or will not) go into details, but trust me, today I realised that I have so much to learn about people…in a good way.  It made me cry a little with happiness and the tragedy of circumstance and chance but realise, at the same time, that I have a window open and my hand on a door.

Sorry it’s cryptic, but it makes sense where it should.



18 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. You see, I read that as a motorway number and tried to remember where the M16 goes to and therefore what accent you had imagined; Macclesfield?

    Ah, wait. You mean MI6 and dodgy gaberdine Macs (and not the ones that Stevie Jobs flogs).

    “The broken nun has stolen the Prince’s slippers”.

  2. Fletch, I have a feeling we are succeeding in our plan to confuse the enemy.

    “Watch the hawks at sunset, the churlish frog will leap”. There will be no further warnings. Be careful wing commander.

  3. The Enemy… What the ‘People Front of Judia’…

    Splitters!!! (Or was that the Popular Front…?)

    Just got an Image of Haggling with Al Fayed in Harrods now… Ummm…. “Ten?! Are you trying to insult me?! Me, with a poor dying grandmother?! Ten?!”

  4. Sheckle for an ex-leper?

    Hah, you could just offer to pay him double in Moon Dollars, he’d be fine with that.

    He’s not the Messiah, he’s just a *very* naughty boy….

    Oh dear, I have descended into Pythonisms. Crucifixion or freedom? 🙂

  5. Tsk… How did the comments on such a nice post descend into this list of quotes from such dubious sources! 😉 lol… Stop it boys my sides hurt!

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