Morning all.

I seem to have been busy doing nothing and everything.  I’ve been working (too) hard.  Had an old friend over for dinner the weekend before last (I didn’t eat his liver, even with a nice bottle of Chianti).  Been out to see a couple of films: I am legend (dire with a poor ending) and the new St. Trinians film (in which the excellent Russell Brand appears – as FaceBook friends will know I’m reading his autobiography at the moment – an excellent book).  St. Trinians is well worth going to watch although my friend and I did feel a bit like a couple of wanna-be peodophiles since we chose to go and see it on a hung-over whim at 10am on Sunday morning where we both came to the sudden realisation that we were two dodgy-looking single blokes amongst a sea of teenage children and mums and dads.

I’ve written quite a few more poems – http://www.alexsykie.com/styx.html I wrote last night whilst a bit tired and looking at a couple of my tattoos and thinking “I fancy some more, what shall I get”.  Side note: Despite the reference in the  poem I do not have a shield on my arm bearing the name “Denise” 🙂

What else?  Ah, the taxman.  Less said about this androgynous money-eater the better.  It would be cheaper to have a serious cocaine habit and drive a steam-driven car around Europe fuelled by 20 pound notes than to be honest with your taxes.  The buggers.

Oh and I’ve been web-designing and seem to have accidentally cornered the local market in web sites for wedding-related businesses.  I’m either too cheap or it’s too easy.  I haven’t worked out which yet.  Ah, and I’ve discovered that ASP is dead easy, much easier than PHP (which I’ve always used for dynamic sites in the past).  I may have a big old play with ASP shortly.  That’s if the taxman leaves me my keyboard and fingers.

There’s other stuff too I can’t talk about.  Mostly good.  I really must learn to work less hard though – it will kill me in the end.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Why don’t you sit down with a nice glass of wine, a pen and a piece of paper and give the taxman my regards. Tell him to leave the fingers and the keyboard while you are at it. 🙂

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