Snack size

Oops. Thanks to the HF.

Apparently there is an 85% chance that I will eat my buddies in a plane crash. Well, maybe not my boss, he looks a bit manky (although I bet his liver would make a passable faux fois gras) – but the rest of them…well….


15 thoughts on “Snack size

  1. Sammy, a layer of chocolate sauce on the right body parts can frequently make them a joy to nibble, even if you’re not that sure of where they’ve been (but secretly hope it’s nowhere nasty).

    Fletch, according to Paul McKenna you should always chew properly before you swallow – he recommends 20 times per mouthful. This is why he and I will never date. Nibble daintily? Maybe. Chew 20 times…er, no.

    Lisa, technically, just eating your desk would probably count as a vegetarian diet.

  2. Um… As i work alone i beg to differ… Tho my own butt would likely sustain me for a reasonable period. Fletch: behave! Lowering the tone as ever. 😉

  3. Whinger. 😉

    I’ve been a little bit busy doing grow-up stuff and speaking to random muses at 3am whilst swigging glasses of Pastis.

    And typesetting my book.

    And saving old people’s care homes from fire.

    And eating curry.

    And fish.

    Not all at the same time. Mostly. 🙂

  4. I thought the fact that I was male was supposed to be one of the often-quoted excuses/accusations that I am, in theory at least, genetically indisposed towards an ability to multi-task? 🙂

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