Good morning class

Amy Winehouse should be locked up for her own protection: discuss.


13 thoughts on “Good morning class

  1. Agreed… But only after she’s put a bit of weight back on and done one of those “It was a mistake” photo shoots for FHM/Mayfair/Playboy/Razzle (Delete as applicable…)


    (Hey, I’m shallow!)

  2. Probably, yes. She won’t be, though. The Met and the Press are having far too much of a field day with her. Soberness doesn’t sell papers.

  3. Please sir *waves hand in air*

    I don’t think there is a discussion to be had here, if she isn’t sectioned or voluntarily treated before long, the ‘long’ will be very short! :o(

  4. So, can I conclude from this we’re all saying she’s a bit of a mentalist and that is perfect to ensure newspapers have something to write about until stockbrokers start leaping off tall buildings later in the Spring? Notwithstanding this there is a small element of long haired freaky people who think after a good meal and some head-doctoring she might look good lying on a fur blankie with her naughty bits arranged decoratively?

  5. The media love to watch someone tailspin out of control and then serve to ensure that spin keeps going. They won’t try to help her whilst she is helping them sell so many newspapers.

    The sad thing is, a few years ago she actually looked stunning.

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