On Monday I had to fire someone.  To be honest, he really deserved it and had put us in a position where anything else would have been wrong.  However, the whole process was very much like an execution.  Our employment laws give very little room for maneuver and, as I read from a prepared statement telling him the charges against him and the verdict of the kangaroo court I looked him straight in the eyes.  At the end he was given an opportunity for a few final words in his last moments.  Then he was gone and we all began to speak of him in the past tense.

It’s when I have to do things like that I think another part of my humanity gets chipped away.  It needed doing and was the right course of action.

Doesn’t make it a good thing though, does it…


9 thoughts on “Condemmed

  1. Your going straight to HELL!!! ;o)

    Hey, sh1t happens, he’ll get over it, as will you. Life aint linear, it progressive, and the only certainty it holds is change… We adapt…

  2. Oh he was an arse (and he’s not the first and will not be the last person I’ve fired – shit does indeed happen) – it just struck me as I was reading out the details of his ineptitude to him that if was *exactly* like an execution. 🙂

  3. Shit does indeed happen but it was this aspect of management that I think in the end made me realise I just wasn’t cut out for it, I’m better in the fired position than being the ‘firer’!

  4. Well yes it has to happen to somebody once in a while. There would be problems if no-one was ever fired. It must be a horrible guilty feeling if you actually like the person tho.

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