Line up line up

I’ve just had a weekend that seemed to last for three weeks.  This is a good thing.

Apart  from my actual diet (where I’ve so far lost nearly half a stone- woo hoo!) I’ve also voluntarily put myself on a bit of a television diet.  This is because a) TV seems to have descended into the bowels of hell and is only showing drivel of the poorest quality and b) I end up watching the drivel and not doing anything constructive – at all (like ironing my shirts, doing my work, etc etc).

Why is it so much easier to watch a repeat of “Have I got News for You?” than actually DO anything?  Now the damn BBC have released their iPlayer it’s another temptation to avoid, avidly.

I’ve spent the weekend, in the absence of female company (see my blog en passim), programming and web-designing.  Oh and uploaded three new poems – but they’re a bit dark and weird coz I’m feeling sorry for myself.

I’ve been randomly chatted up by a nameless fellow blogger (I think she was bored) and eaten some excellently healthy food in the last week.  Tomorrow is a fraught day at work but I can’t discuss it until about midday when it’s all taken place.  Oh, and I made some bread this weekend, the first I’ve made in aaaaages.

During random conversations over t’internet it’s come to my attention that I eat quite a lot of garlic.  This is all very well and apparently very good for you but now I’m paranoid that I stink of it all day.  I’m going to ask someone I trust at work tomorrow to check.  🙂

I also rediscovered chestnuts this week.  The sweet ones you can buy hot from a brazier and not the horsey ones you play conkers with at school (after using black magic and hardening spells from Dumbledore to ensure success in conker fights).

Despite my sister-in-law attempting, quite rightly, to convince me that I will end up a kidney and liver donor (they will be so cross if they get mine, I think I’ve broken it, badly) – with or without the planned opt-out scheme – I’ve decided that if I do nothing else this year I will get my full bike licence and finally get my touring motorbike with chunky panniers and tent so I can head off to the hills when the mood takes me.  The mood takes me quite a lot.

Right, what shall I do now…


21 thoughts on “Line up line up

  1. I hope you have a good camera to take with you when the mood takes you. Getting on a motorbike and just “going” can be quite a mental vacation, really. I enjoy it.

    Hard to believe anyone would talk to you simply because they are bored. Are you sure you have that right?

    Good luck with your day tomorrow.

  2. Maybe I’m wrong, as the entry for Earth in the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy says it’s “mostly harmless”. 😉

    I wonder if it would be a curse or a blessing to know how you’re going to die? That way, if you knew it wasn’t on a motorbike then no-one would mind would they and approaching blind corners at 60 in the rain would maybe require a little less concentration…

    I actually toyed with the idea last night of getting a donor card tattoo – that way there’d be no doubt or argument about what to do with the unbroken bits that are left over when my number’s finally up.

  3. Now wadda ya wanna know about big bike touring with chunky panniers? (Yes they have to be ally!) :O)

    (Get the Full Licence, do a 5 day DAS course, you’ll never regret it… Well, unless that is it accidentally advances your Donor option Path… ;O) )

    Ciao Ciao

  4. Aha! You’re here! Yes, I do intend to do the Direct Access course; can’t see the point in the little licence 🙂

    I did watch Ewan McGregor on the long way round and said “bloody hell – that’s the thing that’s been in my head for the last five years!”

    Not sure I want to go to chop-off-your-legs-for-a-penny in some far off continent – but Europe, Denmark, Sweden etc etc. Yus.

  5. Ok….famous last words and all that (crosses all digits) but thus far I have completed over 25 years and thousands of miles on two wheels…kidney/liver donor my foot! Get the licence, get the bike, get living! ;o)

  6. Ah, I have had the experience of being eaten by a lorry whilst on a motorbike several years ago – it’s ok I still have lots of my right knee left and the gravel rashes on both wrists only took four months to heal!

    Also had a few close shaves with unthinking car drivers – like people pulling out of an underground car park with me three inches from them and just, I mean JUST managing to scoot past with my clutch (l not r) clipping their door.

    But, well, it was SOOOO much fun.

  7. I know how you feel. Last summer, I had to avoid a couple of cars while driving on the interstate.

    My favorite thing is entering a parking garage and having people stand in the lane of traffic, like it’s fun to maneuver a slow-moving motorbike around them. 🙂

    It IS so much fun, though!

    At least my donor designation is marked directly on my driver’s license. Not that I’m hoping to make any donations in the near future. 😉

  8. Chestnuts you have only just discouvered them. Are they not a Christmas thing?. And a conker is a conker not a chestnut. lol

  9. Lisa… This is a Motorbike…

    No need to clean or polish (Just leave out in teh rain :O) )… Can be ridden, rain, sunshine or snow without the risk of slipping, sliding, falling or rust… And best of all, no tarmac required… :O)

    Where ever you wanna go, she’ll get you there… :O)

    Now about this Hog? ;O)

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