I may have been gone some time

…and then, like a reverse Captain Oates I reappear unscathed after “quite some time away”.

A brief round-up then.

  • I am still currently employed and have stoically resisted the temptation to hoard plastic knives for later use as weapons of torture against my boss.  It is sometimes a close run thing.
  • The above-mentioned plastic knives came from “the food van”.  This same food van was driven by a rather nice young lady who I am now “in a relationship” with.  Ahem.  Friends on Facebook will have already had the chance to see her profile.  The rest of you will have to use your imagination – or the password to read the protected entry that follows this one.  😉
  • I have been officially described (in this article) as a “boffin”.  My work on Earth is done.
  • My ex-boss – who I never ever saw eye-to-eye with – actually had dinner with a competitor of my current employer which then prompted him, for reasons I’m not entirely clear, to go home and immediately Google loads of stuff about me and then emailed me quoting the above article and a few lines from one of my poems (which is especially gratifying since I wrote it about him and his business).
  • I got a new mobile phone after finally giving up with the MDA Vario and the truly shitty Windows Mobile 5 (which needs taking out into a field and being shot as an act of kindness).
  • It’s becoming increasingly clear I am one of the few people to like Windows Vista.  I write computer programs for a living and drink Absynthe, perhaps that’s why.
  • I recently renewed my friendship with someone I knew 15 years ago and who arranged the blind date that led to me meeting and eventually marrying my second wife.  She (the friend) is now married and has children  she was about 17 when I first knew her.  Life is so funny.
  • The tax man recently phoned me on my mobile on a Saturday and we had a lovely chat which ended with me forking out several hundred pounds to them – I’m still not entirely convinced they were due the money.  I do not remember giving them my mobile number.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.
  • My Dad just spent two weeks staying round my flat and driving me completey to distraction.  He has gone back home to Yarmouth now.
  • Life is good.  See previous bullet point.
  • Chimps appear to be more clever than students,  and traffic wardens, and tax inspectors and, well, all of us actually.  I’m not that surprised.  In fact, if you did my job you’d believe that chimps are a superior life form.  Someone phoned up today to complain that the software was “too accurate”.  Sigh.
  • Facebook is stealing my life from under my fingertips.  My profile seems to have allowed all sorts of old friends to get in touch and some randoms to send me invites to all sorts of kinky stuff.  Naturally I’ve accepted all offers (I refer you once more to my protected posts)  🙂

Laters aligators.