I am a girl

OK, big mistake.  I took the One Show’s male/female brain test.

I thought I’d share the results with you.

Girl brain

Not, as you can see, exactly what I was expecting.  Apparently I have a woman’s brain.

The break down is even more thrilling – I can read your mind (note the 10 out of 10, get me!):

I can see your thoughts

but, apparently my mastery of the English language makes me a girl.  Blokes can only grunt and make fire.

I am a lady…

This explains a lot… 🙂


9 thoughts on “I am a girl

  1. There is nothing wrong with being in tune with your more sensative side. JUst means that you can get on better with girls than some blokes. This i feel is a good thing. yay.
    So um what colour nail polish shall i wear today?

  2. If it was me I’d go for an interesting but muted shade. 🙂

    I do get told I am “in touch with my feminine side” quite a lot. Girls tend to then qualify that with “but you’re definitely a man though” as they flick their eyelashes at me (the hussies).

    p.s. I did wear nail varnish to work once just to freak out my youngest step-daughter. It worked. It also freaked out my colleagues who would back out of the room muttering…

  3. um well what colour did you wear?. I mean if David Beckham can get away with it i cant see why you cant!.
    I have gone for a pale pink on toes as i cant reach them anymore and my Mum did it for me. I thought that it wouldnt notice so much when they grew. Also my Hubby seems to just blob it on. He is brill at filing and cutting and making them shiny but he is not very good at painting. Only one artist in this family.. lol.

  4. Well she was going through her goth phase at the time so it was black. She actually helped me paint it on – a kind of step-dad/step-daughter bonding thing.

    My mum’s an artist – I can’t draw for toffee, perhaps that spark is in me though; a creative job (programming) and writing (poetry and prose) as a hobby.

    Why is it that some people can’t draw?

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