Hi ho Silver

Got a horse?  Worried it might be sneaking off down the White Horse pub at night?  Do you suspect your horsey friend might be having secret tristes with the boy next door (who looks a bit of an Ass)?  Do you want him to stop horsing around with all the young fillies?

Well, then you need Radal!


4 thoughts on “Hi ho Silver

  1. They could, but I would want it to include some form of low voltage tazer and remote control for once they get to age 14 and start believing that they rule the world and parents are doltish underlings.

  2. not sure what good a tazer gun would do my son when nipple piercing is what he does in his free time. Although he is 17…. *eyes water*
    I wonder how many people have gone and got horses just to try out Radal. :o)

  3. I tried this on my horse. The bugger wriggled out of it, connected it to a car and hot-wired it. I suspected something was amiss when the monitor said my 8-year-old thoroughbred was doing 85mph down the M5 towards Gloucester.

    You just can’t trust these horses. Wicked sense of humour.

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