Rules is rules

Woman behind customer service desk in Sainsbury’s:How many items do you have in your basket Sir?

Me: [counts] “er, six“.

Woman: [huff] ” Well, on this occasion I will let you pay for your goods but normally I can only let you come here with five items or less“.

You had to see her face when she said it to understand why I got so cross.  This is one of my particular things; if you work in a shop on  a checkout, particularly on a “customer service” desk – your SOLE purpose is to serve the customer and take their money.  Otherwise you are just stopping a small part of the floor from getting dusty.

Me: [enraged, puts basket down, theatrically turns around surveying TWO customer service people behind tills (they ARE there to take money and they sell the fags too) and then continues to ostentatiously look for crowds of disgruntled fellow shoppers indignant that I have transgressed and smashed the rule that they have so diligently followed.  There are none.  The desk is empty.  Both women are unoccupied. ]  “hmmm“.  [Now I look towards the checkouts where various heavily-laden trolleys are two deep at the three (out of 22) checkouts that are open.  I laugh, snortingly].  “I think that such an attitude could be described as customer dis-service.  I assume you are a trainee?

Woman:I beg your pardon?

Me: Well, you see I do get fed up when I am in a five items or less queue where the guy in front has two baskets overflowing with purchases and he gets served but, to be frank, that’s not the case here and your excoriating condescension  to ‘let’ me pay for my goods here makes you look like a bit of harridan and, since your colleague has nothing to do but watch you work I assumed you’re new to the job and are being trained.

Woman:I’m not b…

Woman number 2:Leave it Silvia, just serve him“.

Yes Silvia, leave it.


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