Don’t laugh!

Be afraid.  Spend the rest of the day with a dour expression upon your face (see Gordon Brown if you’re not sure how that should look).

Above all else – do not laugh too much, if indeed at all.  It is now proven to fatal.

I’m off to scowl at people.  Laters, aligators.


2 thoughts on “Don’t laugh!

  1. Strange – I was reading a page on Unusual Deaths on Wikipedia on Monday, and I read about the chap from King’s Lynn who was mirthed to death by The Goodies. Small Wikipedia, it seems. Although actually I think that’s increasingly untrue.

    If I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go laughing.
    On a motorbike, with ten cheerleaders busily sat across me, with pompoms made of £50 notes, and the bike’s a vintage Norton – right off the edge of the Grand Canyon. On fire.
    The Grand Canyon on fire, I mean. (*That’s* how rich I’ll be).

  2. “Ten cheerleaders busily sat across me” – see, this is what is so beautiful about the English language; a perfectly pervy picture painted prosaically.

    I intend to use the cheerleaders phrase later today during a conversation with a customer. I expect it to go like this:

    CUSTOMER: I keep getting this error message whenever I try to start your [insert name of boring piece of machinery] controller software under Windows Vista.

    ME: Ah, that’s just like ten cheerleaders busily sat across me.

    CUSTOMER: Pardon?

    ME: Oh, nothing. [smirk]

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